Good News For Who Use Facebook Ads! Need Facebook Video Ads Component

Facebook Finally lunch Facebook Video ads . Its very Amazing News.i Request Kodular please make Facebook video ads Component .And If Any one can make Facebook video Reward Ads Extension .Please Contact Me i will Buy

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Why not use other networks which pays much more as facebook.?

Admob have Some Issue Also Its Anytime Disabled .Facebook Give More Than Other Network I tried Since 6 Month.

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If they add Ad mediation platform its fix problems like that

Apppodeal, admob med, mobfox…

@dhinchakblog what do you mean by this?

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He mean that If Admob finds any kind for policy breach it terminates the account and doesn’t pay him any more.

But Facebook doesn’t do that it just stops playing ads for that app and other apps in the account shows ads.

I am using admob following their every policy, so I don’t have any problems yet.

Give me your app. I will close your admob account though you haven’t done any policy bridge. Admob sucks. Facebook is very reliable. I am a victim of invalid activity though I haven’t done anything and reported about it to them. But they said its your duty to stop this. So, closed my account. On the basis of clicks ctr for one day which was 25%. I reported but still. So I hate it. Even Kodular suffered because of this

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