Facing problem in airtable! (Please Help)

Hi guys, I have got a doubt here in airtable, so actually, I was creating an application, so i was storing user’s data and i was checking if it’s the account of the person with the device id, so when i fetched the device id, how can i show the data of that user, in the profile page of my app.


I was using this, but i dont know which cell to get, and how to fetch which cell i should GET to show user’s correct data.

I am a bit confused and I wish someone would help me. Thanks.

read the value returned in Values to know in what order they are brought

Can you please help with showing some blocks?

From the information provided by you, you want to store data of a specific user. But you don’t know which row to fetch.
If I am right then, There a 2 cases:-

  1. When user is signed up. If this is the case then, you have store registration number in tiny db in the sign up page. Now use index in list to find the row
  2. Make sure to save registration no at signup.

And if this is not the case, elaborate your problem

Actually i need to fetch the data of the user, so I use the device_id from device utilities to see if user is registered or not, and if the user is registered, I’ll ask the person to enter password and login, I am storing these things :-

I wanna fetch data if the device_id is there in the data.
Thanks. @M_Captain1

First you need to use get column block on initialize screen event and save it as a global list then check the if Device Id is in Global list then use get row block

here solution

I almost made it, but nice it is a lot more detailed than mine. Nice

But one question though why are you calling to get a cell block this just increases your api request and air table gives you 1000 requests per month for free and 100,000 if you pay for it. But if you waste 7 requests per user. This is insufficient.
I guess this will be more efficient
It only uses 3 requests per users.
I am not saying your way is wrong it will give the same result as mine. But it has a lot of blocks and uses alot of requests.
I hope this will help you.

Thanks alot! It helps.

1 request per user. Nice
It’s little complicated to use but if you got the result no problem.
Best of luck for your project.

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