Failures with the visible option

buen dia , he estado probando mis componentes y todo por el estilo , pero se me presento un inconveniente y es cuando quiere que un componente no sea visible , no me lo permite hacer , y asi suele pasar con los demas , alguien que por favor me colabore , gracias

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Good day, I’ve been testing my components and everything like that, but I had an inconvenience and it’s when you want a component not to be visible, it doesn’t allow me to do it, and that’s how it usually happens with the others, someone please collaborate, thanks

Welcome to community, official language is English so nect time please follow the rules. Also in order to get help post a screenshot of your blocks so that we can understand what is the problem

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You can make it by adjusting in designer part or blocks part but you must follow the correct algorithm. If you miss at anywhere then it will be big headache to sort it out

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