Feature Request: Cloud-based Collaboration

Hey devs at Kodular,
I think Kodular needs a feature where people could team up, and build apps together.

I want cloud-based Collaboration support.
People could request their friends to build apps. All they need is a 6-character alphanumeric code. When they enter it in Kodular Creator, they get ported to the project they’ll be working on. and they will be a tab which u can toggle and see whether they are online or not. And in designer and blocks the team can know who’s putting that block and who’s putting that component. Maybe, u guys can add chat, to communicate and other things like that.

This could make people aware that anyone could build apps. They dont’t need to go to take classes in Java or Kotlin, or spend weeks studying different programming languages. All they need is Creator, hope and finally, confidence.

A Koder :slight_smile:

Is not possible for multiple users to work on the same project at the same time

hmm…but atleast two people could have the control over other’s project only if the owner of the project grants and also can deny it anythime

Yes you right, but Rohit_Sudheer say “team”, so I guess that much more than two people

what you can do currently is different people work on different screens and later join the different screens into one app, see also AI2 Project Merger Tool: combine two App Inventor projects into one


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Try Zoom if you like
Zoom supports screen sharing and remote access to screen
So one can share screen and both can edit the project

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