Companion feature

Hi Koders,
It will be so nice if we can have a look to our projects from companion app and by clicking on the project can live test our app, how’s the idea ,
What do you think???

Good idea…
Since kodular enabled live tasting from another Wi-Fi also… That means whenever we want other people [friends, clients ] to live test an app they need to login to my account and can also view my projects… It’s quite unsafe :thinking:
But the idea of viewing project and tasting them could be implemented by adding a login to account feature on options menu…
That would be great


No it is totally safe, you will need to login in companion and as only you know your credentials only you can see your projects

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That is very different then how the companion works right now.

You might ask for that over at AppyBuilder as their code is open source, and if it works well it may be merged.

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That’s why here I posted as I want this feature …

I pointed out how different it is because of what has to happen to get the companion to work.

I see this feature as very very far away.

Ok nice , I felt for this and thus just expressed it here

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I like the idea.

I am just warning that is is more complicated then it may seem. :slight_smile:

Nice contribution.

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Yeah I know it’s complicated but I here just requested kodular for that , I Donot want it in recent updates but it can be added as future updates when it is completed