Kodular should implement the live preview idea like thunkable.

Thunkable has a very useful feature sometimes you dont have a device available with you(at least in my case), in those times you have to open a very slow emulator. Thunkable allows us to preview the apps on the webpage itself which i feel is very useful and should be implemented by kodular too.

Thank you.


yes right true

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:+1:t2: useful feature.


Kodular should implement this

But thunkable some features don’t work on computer live test

Well, I think that it will be difficult to Kodular do it…
But you can try your APP in the browser on this web. You have only to upload the companion APK to the web and run it (https://www.apkonline.net/filemanager.php)

Nothing is impossible be positive. :thinking:

It’s true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I think that there are more interesting things that the staff are going to publish soon… :wink::no_mouth:

another most useful thing would be they can just shove the webpage into the companion app, so the app functions like the thunkable companion app.