Great idea to make easy connect to companion

Hi everyone, all good?
The thing I hate the most when I am creating apps is that when I am testing it on Companion it crashes a lot of times so I have to type QR Code a lot of times during the day.
I believe many of you dislike this too, right? Of course I understand this is barely impossible to avoid so I never complained about it

But now I had this idea: Instead of having to scan / type QR Code every time we want to connect, why not update companion with login feature - using same email and password as kodular creator? Then if I open Kodular companion and I am loged in then companion connects automatically. If not I can log in or connect using traditional QR Code.

What do you all think about it? If you like, vote for it. It would make my life much easier :joy: and probably you too.

Sounds good. On the other hand what about not-crashing apps? :sweat_smile:

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I am 100% sure Kodular staff work hard to avoid companion crashing, but it is impossible to make anything perfect, specially a live testing app. Not even Google could make it.
It is worse when we have bad coders like myself :joy::joy:


I use a chromebook where i can work in Kodular and have the companion also on my screen. That works really great.


I am still on WIndows 7 SP1 :sweat_smile: not even Kodular Starter work here.
I hope I can use Chrome OS someday too hehe

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If it works so well on Chromebook, I will have to install ChromeOS with an XDA guide :thinking:

I don’t know if that works that way. My chromebook has to be in developermode to be able to run Android apps. Is that also possible with what you are trying to do?

I used Chrome OS before on my normal laptop, I tried these types:


Official ChromeOS images



And another one that I don’t remember

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I want to ask that if it is recomended to connect to same wifi or network to use the companion app .
When i connect in same wifi it not crash so much , but when i connect with defferent network it crahses a lot. Sorry for bad english !!!

The same wifi network is the best to use.


Thankss for the suggestion.

I too came up with similar idea a long ago, it was to login in companion and then select that project you want to test from the list of project you created in creator, let see how the companion goes in future

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Good idea too.

If I’m not wrong, App Inventor is working on a system where it is no longer needed to enter a six digit code to connect to the Companion.


Thunkable has this feature

Nothing against thunkable but at my opinion kodular is 2x better

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