[feature request]name of block

Hi there!
Sometimes it is useful to indicate the name of a component, for example:
you need to do something like this to recreate that block:
but this with lots and lots of components… So, if a new block gonna to be created, on the text category, we can just drag that block and do:
Name of : Screen1
It returns “screen1” , string, not component.

Why need this i really didn’t understand


i am doing an app that needs to store the name of all the checked checkboxes in a list, that will be stored to google sheets when a button is pressed, but i want a list like [“checkbox1”, “checkbox2”, “checkbox5”], not the technical name of the components.

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I will try to create an extension for that…May i got success, may be not :thinking:


great, else i will need to do that procedure…


This could be easily done by dictionary. key as the component and value as the name. Then get value by component.

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What I know of, on each runtime

is created with different technical name and there by I have doubts it’s doable…

But if you want names to go with check boxes, I would go something like this

and you only need to add as many check boxes and names as you want…

That procedure should be better than my, but I still needing doing that for each app/screen that needs this.

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