Is there anyone who wants to help me. How to make. Block

Is there anyone who wants to help me.
How to make. Block

When I click list list

For example, I click list List
on screen 1. By clicking Item A (Name)


On screen 2. Give the same value (name)

Sample image.

If the list is clicked. I want to get the item Name. Or subtitles

Components (List) What should I need

I use the extension list
(colin list view)

a few attempts when I made. When I click one of the list list. It only shows value 1. 2. And so on.

Even though I want it when I click it. I took the item name or subtitles. Using the Tiny Db save line.

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You don’t even need two different screens you can do it with two different arrangements.

Use kodular inbuilt list view.
By this, you can get title, subtitle,etc easily.
You can also change font style of title and subtitle.
And for opening another screen :- Use control block named open another screen with start value and put your value in value block which you want to get in next screen.
Put start value and screen name in it:-
Get start value from it :-getstartvalue

Use Start value To Do This

How to Arrange Blocks in Elements click In order to compile I click the item. in List View. retrieve Name items or subtitles.

First of all you should tell us which extension have you used for listview

I use colin_list_view. my compilation is click. what if i show. show alerts and I install Element. written must be numbered. even though I want to take a list of item names or subtitles. I use colin list view. by making that list. image-name-subtitle. I do not use a list of names and subtitles. but I use a list view image. name. and subtitles. my compilation using list view might be a lot easier. because there is a component of selection. element dn. but unfortunately I don’t want that. I’m making a chat application. like whatsap.

Colin list View.