How to give link to list view?

Can the list view be given a link, like a button?

as shown below …

blocks (3)

(the image is only an example for a button, please provide an example if it is replaced with a list view)

Use After picking list item block and using this block you can trigger any action on clicking list items.

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After being given the after picking command, how do you place it in a list view?

(Suppose one of the list views is called “test”, and give me an example with the link “”)
or you can change the list view example and the link as you like, and give me an example …

sorry if I have a lot of questions, because I’m still a beginner

Use if then else conditions.

You can call different actions as per your need according to the list item selected by comparing list view selection index.

For ex.

List view After picking
If selection index = 1
Then activity starter data uri to

Else if selection index = 2

Just change activity starter data uri in each case and start Activity.

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ok, thanks…

Come here.

May be this is what are you trying to achieve:


What is the purpose of numbers 1 and 2? Then what list view parable do you use? do you use the list view “text” and the url “www.example”?

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No Matter whts your list item, this will compares list items index number like 1st item, 2nd item.

If 1 then
If 2 then

Like wise.


oh, 1 for the first list, and 2 for the second list, and to add the list and link I just click (setting- (add if then)) so?


Yes. Exactly.


Just a suggestion:
You can reduce blocks by

instead of if-else.


I got information from other codular users that how to create a list view that is specified can have a link is like this:

I still don’t understand if it’s just writing maybe you can help me to create a block to give link on the list view… Or you can create blocks to give link on the list view with your own version …

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Replying with doubt in that topic(your quoted topic) is sensible. Don’t create another topic just for getting blocks because you didn’t understood the logic written there

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Sorry, iam still beginner

I don’t understand that logic​:disappointed::confounded::sob:

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I am only telling to ask the same thing in your previous topic and not to create another topic for that.


I now moved the new thread into the previous one…


I’ve tried in kompanion but it doesn’t work: “no corresponding activity was found”

Try in apk also show your blocks.

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i haven’t tried as apk…

my block is the same as you demonstrated …, I also use android.intent.view

but I still haven’t tried the tips from @WatermelonIce

It should be


Show screenshot of your activity starter properties from designer and blocks also. Data uri should be full url containing http or https.

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