Listview elements

why there is no option of set listview elements to in other listview of kodular which contain image text subtitle i want to replace this listview becasue it is very simple no we cannot add image in it so plz help me if you have any idea

I recommend you to use colin tree list view which has many options

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i know it has many option if u dont mind can u plz show me block with that i can set elements to get values

which things you want to show in list view can you tell

if u r not busy can i send you aia in pm

yes you can

You can use list view with image.

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Use list view with image also available in kodular components

as i described i know there is list view with image but it has no option of set list view elements to

Use add item.
When you want to change the text/image, use update item.

Assuming that you may be getting a list under the Spreadsheet.Got Column event you can use Add item from list block :point_down:


Source: List View Image and Text - Kodular Docs

use this add item block

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