[Feature Request] Textbox in a Canvas

Canvas support only, image sprite and ball component, im thinking if theres a way it can have a textbox feature which is draggable and size control. Its very useful for app like tshirt mockup designs app, which image sprite is a big help, but what is user want is only text in his shirt, so that textbox but can drag and adjust supported.

If you want to make that kind of app you could use a layout where you set the background as the shirt and put a textbox in the center of the layout so the text drops on top of the shirt.

On your question of the text on a canvas. There is a block to put text on a canvas but it is rather primitive.

hmm. that makes since, but the draggable i guess, if theres an extension that can support drag a component, that can work out right?

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You could make your text in a textbox, then use the extension componenttoimage to save the text as an image. Use an imagesprite on a canvas and assign the generated image. That imagesprite can be dragged.


your a genius @peter. that can work out for now, although sizing is my challenge now but at least this one is a remedy. Thanks for the extension recommendation. response appreciated