Text on image. Help me

Hi, I want to make adding text on canvas like this, as shown in the screenshot, I need to add text and then change its position. It is necessary that there is such a frame around the text so that you can change the width of the text, height, position. Is it possible to do this?

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I think it is possible with Canvas and a better knowledge on that Blocks. I don’t know very much about that. I hope it will be great if we can do that in Kodular.


I think its currently not possible but its my personal opinion
Wait may someone could help you!!!

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I know that there is an extension that takes a screenshot of the component, which can then be assigned to the sprite, but this will not work for me, because the one component to which I assign the text is invisible and this text will not be in the sprite, so it will not work for me.

What you can do is make the framework as a picture(png) with a simple software like Word. After that you use this picture on a sprite. The rest is possible with the “draw text at angle” block of canvas.

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Why dont you try to merge 2 images
one with background and another with Predetermined text.

See The image shared with my app

I used totally 3 Images and overlayed One with One

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I need this aia.
Thank you

Unfortunately, you will need to use Android Studio for that. There may be some workarounds, but a text element cannot become a canvas object.

It is possible to make what you want with a canvas but it is not easy to implement. And the final result will not be as smooth as what you see in other apps.
You will be better of making a webapp in html5 canvas or JavaScript and run it in a webviewer.

That is no Kodular looking app. It looks like some kind of Adobe app for Android.