Typing on an image. Image editing

Hello koders, I want to know that it is possible to make an image editor app. Actually not so high quality app. Only which can add the text in the photo with fonts and colours.

Actually I want to make a score table over a specific picture or theme and can save that edited picture .

Yes it’s possible. Search the forum as there is a solution already posted. In fact someone even created an app like the one you want - they used Appybuilder but it’s possible with Kodular.

i didn’t find any topic related to this

You can use a Canvas component in the Drawing And Animation drawer. Set the BackgroundImage property to the image, and in the blocks, use the DrawText and DrawLine blocks to draw a table.

If you search “Text on photo” - the thing you’re looking for - then you’ll find some topics.

Alternatively, you can follow the suggestion in the above post.