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What do you think is the problem here with my blocks? I hope you all can help me. It is for a capstone project. blocks (29) blocks (30) blocks (31)

Why it says fileParth? Should it be filePath? Anyways, that’s not the problem.

Did you use DO IT to see what the global variable way has?

i havent checked the DO IT yet. but what i recently noticed is that it only accepts files that are picked from the external storage only, not the internal.

how do i try the DO IT?

Connect to the companion and when your app is running in it, right click on the block you want to see the value and select DO IT.

If I not mistaken, that is the Taifun extension, right?

And logically, what does "call File_Picker1.ALL_File supposed to return?
Is it a list of the name of all the files ?
Then you use the list of several file names as if it was the type (normally, type would be things like ‘txt’, ‘doc’, ‘xls’, ‘mp3’, ‘pdf’, ‘jpg’, etc) of the files to be selected in the picker?

Do you see what the problem might be here?

see tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


It’s just a spelling mistake in the File_Picker extension from DeepHost.

There is no problem. So what is your problem?