File Picker Extension

Hello Everyone :grin:
How are you :wink:

Is there any extensions for picking documents ?
(pdf, aia, aix, apk, zip, TXT, etc…)

Please inform me if there’s anything :slight_smile:

Thanks :blush::blush::blush:

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Yes, @Deep_Host makes an extension named file picker extension

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We advise against using extensions from deephost since he doesn’t support them. Changes are you will be in trouble if something doesn’t work as it should.

That is also the reason we don’t allow any questions about using extensions from deephost.

Here you can find available extensions.


You can pick files from the phone storage using the activity starter without an using extension, see also here :slightly_smiling_face: :
Picking files from the SD Card with App Inventor - PuraVidaApps


Or you can use the Andres Cotes extension

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Thank you :relieved::blush:
@Mohamed_Tamer, @pepocero, @The_Revenger_Studios

Oh, But, I’m using many deephost extensions… :sob:

Any Problem with that ?

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Not as long as you don’t ask any questions about them.


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