A file picker option

An option to have user pick file instead of using a paid extension. I would like to see this implemented. It would be very usefull

Do you mean a file picker like this?

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Yes like an option to allow the user to choose a file, like a pdf or something else like that.

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Paid extensions are built to help developers, because they did a lot of great work. I am sure that Makeroid developers understand that and will not implement it. As @Taifun says “there ain’t such thing as a free lunch”. In this case, there ain’t such thing as a free file picker implementation… and if you are looking for a file picker, this is my ext…: App Inventor Store
Best regards, Ben.

I personally do not need this feature, but why shouldn’t Makeroid implement that if they can? Is that because if Makeroid implements that, then an extension developer wouldn’t be able to sell his extension or what is the reason Makeroid shoudn’t implement that feature?

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That is true. Paid extensions help developers. What if this feature were implemented, but made purposefully not as good as the extensions. If the extension is always better than the feature people will still buy the extension.

Well, first it’s always better to implement something that is not already existing. Second every single component is being packaged as a part of an app. Together with every single new component “builders/inventors/makeroiders/thunkers” will be able to build less and less stuff. And three, every single extension helps developer to keep up and without these contributions, we wouldn’t be able to develop these “products” that you are using in 80% of your apps.

Umm… It is good for you that you have developed and can sell some extensions, but that should not limit what Makeroid or any other providers will develop in the future. Let they decide what they will do with their platform. What they will implement shouldn’t depend on any available extension.

If it really is always better to implement something that is not already existing as you said, then there would only be one kind of car in this world.

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Well in app inventor world there are limits. And if you want to make apps with max of two screens and 15 comps, let them integrate something already existing. “would be only one car”? Well, if there would be a lot of cars, there would be no driver (because a limit/a wall) won’t let him in…

You have any idea of how to do it?

But we can do something similar to this.Like if we need to pick PDF file then set set activity starter activity to ’ android.intent.action.PICK ’ and data type to ’ application/pdf '.
I think this will work.