Filter by date range list view with firebase

Greetings to all. I need help. I have to filter by date range the data in a list view. For example: I have created several games that will take place on different days of the week, I want to filter those that will take place on one day and those that will take place on other days and display them in the list view, after selecting a specific day. . For example, I click on the calendar, select a day of the week and display the games for that day. I select another day and show the games of that new selected day. If there are no games that day then it will show a notification that there are no games for the selected day.

Have a try this. Not same but need to adjust slightly.

try like this

when user confirms the game(by pressing the final button)
(here the global date must come from the game detail)

When user clicks retrieves his regis game as per date

Update it, and let us know


ok, this is fine so the user can see the games or events they have registered for and can be filtered by date. but what i’m really asking in this topic is how to filter all events by date shown to all users on homepage. for example: the administrator creates seven games on three different days: three games on 06-04-2021, three games on 06-05-2021, and one game on 06-06-2021. How can I show users those games by dates?. That the user with one date picker at home page choose 06-06-2021 and at that moment only the games created for that day are shown and from there the user can choose which game he wants to register for.

You should also consider storing your dates in yyyy/mm/dd format, these then become alpha/numeric meaning that you can sort them correctly.

Try something like this,

As per this block, you will get list games if the current date matches with your existing firebase tag

Excellent. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much for the great help.

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