How to filter by date range

Goodnight. I searched the community and the internet and the only topic similar to my problem is this: Listview witch initial and final date, without a solution for my case. I have a list with two items: the name of an event in the first item and the date of the event in the second item. I need to filter the data by date range. In text box 1 I select the start date and in text box 2 I select the end date. The listview will then display only the names of events where the date corresponds to the selected period.
In short, I need help filtering by date range.

You have to design an procedure there by you can easily filter the items by date

I searched for your answers in the posts related to the subject and found this: Saving values with tinydb and retrieving values with datepicker - #14 by Still-learning. Would the procedure be marked as a solution?

You must say, where is your database first so that we can assist you

Try this and see if it works for you

filter_dates.aia (46.5 KB)

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If your database is in airtable then you use the query method to get quick result

You can use API Query to get answer back soon easily

1st red = base id
2nd red = api key

{name} = colum name which contain the date.

I have searched the date b/n 2022 jan to 2023 jan records


If the above image is not clear, make use of this

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