Saving values with tinydb and retrieving values with datepicker

I have trouble saving input by date in one screen and then retrieving the input with the datepicker in another screen with tinydb.

Screen 1. Call tinydb to store value under tag datelist (text), value to store call clock instant with pattern dd/MM/yyyy.

Screen 2: After date set I want to show all the data that is saved on that date in a notifier with additional information.

How can I show the information on screen 2?

What you have tried yet

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Hi @msr79526, thank you for responding.

To be honest i’ve tried a lot of things and different options. But somethings I can’t get to work the way I want to.I am trying to expand my knowledge in Kodular while working on a test project.

Welcome @Shaq

As you have Posted in #marketplace , so I guess you will be paying for the work. If not then change the catagory to #discuss :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyways, the points you mentioned are pretty common, I suggest you to explain more like if you are facing any error and also post related blocks , so the community can help you.

For example

There are many ways to do it, so you can mention what you done, to get further help.


Is there someone who could help me with this?

yes possible but you have to store it in a list manner then only you can store multiple items under same tinyDB

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Do you have an block example for me please? I want to store data by date in tinydb en retrieve it with the datepicker.

why dont you use firebase or ghseet to store the values and retrieve? because if the user clear the cache all will erase na… Anyway let me show you

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I am looking into guides for Google Spreadsheets as we speak. I was using TinyDB because it was easy to setup and use/test with. As for local data being cleared, I did not have a problem with this until now.

ok, working for you… Soon i will show you the block as of my knowledge.

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Thanks! Appreciate your effort and feedback!

Done it… but one doubt, suppose if user storing three table text value in todays date mean we can recover three value, suppose if user stores multiple of (3, 6, 9…) how to recover it?

ok , let me think

Try this, I have used cross check also so used counting… You can continue from here…

In the save button i used one label to cross check, how values are storing,

And in Date picker , i used few more label to cross check how i am getting values as well as counting

Update1: I dint add any condition in if else statement, As per the above code, block will return only if the mentioned date matches with that date


Finally, working with any date block… Pls use this

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Wow, thanks for this! I am going to try this out!

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See this video,

When i hit, save it will show all the stored data along with newly entered data, If i choose soem other date, see what is happening…

This is exactly what I asked for, thanks for this! I am going to try to implement this in my project.

Welcome, happy to help you. actually, I didn’t see your first post. After few days you put comment so it brings to my notifications…

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