Find a user among millions of users in FIREBASE

Is there a way to search for a specific user among the millions of users in Firebase, for example, by his name or phone number for his observation, so that I can look at all his other data

So you want to create some kind of spyware? I don’t think this is legal.

I think you are going wrong here he wants to get his app’s user data by his username which i think every app developer gets

Maybe Jihed can clear this out. He wrote about 1 million users of firebase and I can’t believe that he has an app with one million users.

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Yes, this is exactly what I want to do.

What is the problem that the application reaches a million users, is this a problem!!?:joy::joy:

I’m already getting my app’s users data already. But I can’t search for a specific user among the thousands

Now that I have corrected the point of view, is there a solution?

You should use Firebase indexing and searching features for such a task, on Firebase, probably introducing cloud functions to your Firebase project with the Firebase CLI. I would recommend you read up on how Firebase can help you to achieve this. There is a wide range of documentation, and many videos. You might also want to consider using Firestore instead of Realtime Database for a project/app that will have 1m+ users, and get a good understanding of data flows in order to manage your costs - which could be significant with those numbers…


My dream is to have this kind of problem.
i can only imagine how much is spent with billing :joy:
In your case I would recomend you to hire a specialist in firebase, because the way you organize and search your database will probably have a significant impact on your billing.

I haven’t downloaded my app in the play store yet, so I want to clean everything up before much Does it cost a million users on firebase

Oh yes :slight_smile:

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Complain to Google about the prices. Mark Tim’s answer as the solution and don’t go off-topic.

MySQL is better thhan Firebase, so it’s better to get into it and learn it and you can easily use it however you want in your app

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Of course, if you can search in Firebase, it is the number of users you have (+ 1 million), I have a method but it has a cost if there is someone interested

What is the method I am interested?

I hope there is no easy method rather than the one which i hava suggested in post 2

It will not take the whole tag list. IF you are looking for such method, then you do have to pay more and more as you said in earlier post…

I was looking forward to your method but I didn’t understand it well

Please can you help me search in firebase I was interested in your post but you deleted it