Getting list of all users using Firebase


Is there any method to get a list of all users using the “Firebase Authentication” component? For instance, I would want a list of all user names and phone numbers registered through the Firebase Authentication service, for searching through them (Like an Index). Also is it possible to obtain the data (Phone Number, Profile Image,etc) of one specific user using their id token or something?

I realize its possible to achieve this by separately storing the user data in a Firebase DB. However, that system is much less secure. Just want to know if there exists some extension (maybe) that lets me perform the functions I’ve mentioned above.

Thanks Million!
This may help you.

Thanks for the info! However, I wanted to know if it was possible to do so without using Firebase DB :sweat_smile:

Hello you can try something like this:

Button2 store info in some bucket on specific tag wich contains all the values.
and Button 1 get all the information on the Bucket… wich contains all the info from the users.

Then you have you organize this info for your pourpose…

Make sure the rule to READ=true

(I have firebase on spanish so,if you have firebase on english instead of “Reglas” it will be "Rules")

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Hey! Thanks a ton! Like I mentioned, is this possible without using a Firebase DB and instead using Firebase Authentication instead.

I don’t think it’s posible for ALL the users… Only for the user who is using the app with the " Get Current user"

like this:

Ah okay! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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