How i can get all users in my app from firebase, without json

then you must use few firebase components… get taglist, from the taglist, set it as firebase bucket, and use proper tag value to get corresponding child value of the users and add the values into the list…

and also is possible to edit the respective user data once get it?

Ask this because i want to create an Admin app where can i get all users.

ok now i get 2 user id from db but need help because i cant do it myself

Now you are having two users so getting two I’d… try to construct like that… you have did… then what?

yes but need to split this 2 id’s first to set in project bucket.

Use for each items in the list block

in this screen i want to get all users and show their avatar , name , and email into a dynamic list along with button , when button will press will open another screen where will get all user infos and can edit the info and save the new edited info in db

And why won’t you do it with json ? Where is the problem ?

can i edit users data if use json?

Get users tags in a list and all details in others lists like avatar, email, etc… When button click open a new page with start values using select index along with user tag. Edit whatever you need, set firebase project bucket to users/tag/ and save changes

no result

You won’t result, because your blocks not valid.

Have you searched in community or not?

yes but cant find any result

Regarding firebase multiple solved topics are there in community

checked but no block or example

A simple example with json


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let check how works.

Also you can edit data via web component if you wish. Study