Fingerprint database

I want to create an application that saves user accounts according to the fingerprints, but I want it to read more than one fingerprint and display information related to them, inside the kodular, is this possible?

Eu quero criar um aplicativo que salve as contas de usuario conforme as digitais, mas eu quero que ele leia mais de uma digital e exiba informações referentes a elas, dentro do kodular, isso é possivel?

oooh, you will need a good privacy policy in place for this …

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but is it possible?

I never used this component. But, looking at the documentation quickly, I didn’t see any blocks that would return something for you to record and associate with a user in a database.

Trusty TEE

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I believe fingerprint only performs the fingerprint verification already registered in the phone.So in order to use it you will have to register the users on your device and not on the app,


a quick search in the community together with a little bit of reading would show you, that this is not possible, not only in Kodular but in Android itself…


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Why bother when all you have to do is start a topic and have people falling over themselves to provide help, blocks, and even aia files?

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There is a group that likes to ask for ready blocks and there are also groups that love to give blocks, ready made (like present), without letting the user try to do something.

They do it to get their posts marked as a solution.

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Exactly !!! And maybe to earn some badge…

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