Firebase and Clock Expert Get In

I have a issue with my launched Project…

As of Last year (12/30/2019) precisely
my list view items connected to Firebase was storing data properly according to time and date BUT this year (Today) to be exact,i tried to update my users but data was stored wrongly (01/03/2020) was stored at the top instead of Below

That a picture of my clock storage settings

Picture of Stored Data on Firebase
01/03/2020 was supposed to be below

Pls solutions!

its upon firebase to store data and and that automatically stored in new of first or by recent date on first. you can read there docs about Index,

can you please provide an Example on how to set firebase rules to index by Date

sorry but i don’t know that yet, i haven’t tried yet. you can try it.

Should format your dates round the other way :wink:


Fixed :100::100::100:

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