Firebase Auth Error - Email Signup Error

I am using Signup and login system with email. but getting error white testing APK. as you can see attachments, Please if anyone knows why this happened. So, guide me accordingly.

As it is saying the input for auth is empty show screenshot of both register and sign-up screen

Login and signup both on same screen as shown in blocks screenshot

Are you on companion??

no, Testing on APK file

Share aia file

When this error shows when you login or when you signup

when click on Signup

Have you enabled email/password option in firebase authentication?

Hey bro read error

yes ,of course

Share aia bro

Share aia or full block image

Do you changed your package name or do you upload the google-services.json file?

already shared full block image, their is just 2 text box with one button, same for signup and login page

yes, I set custom package name and also uploaded json file

bro send the aia in pm or here.

Ok I can see some block in left of image what is that?

Try to put that else if condition you putted on login