Firebase Auth : google-services.json is present but build error anyway

I already saw others topics on this but none of their answers worked for me :confused:

I think this picture will speaks by itself :

I have the following :

  • Correct package name
  • google-services.json is at the right place :
  • I even set the correct key sha1 and sha256 in firebase !

Only thing that may be important (but I think it isn’t) : I use Ubuntu (20.04 LTS) as my desktop OS. I can send the .aia if required (but by PM only).

Thanks for help :pray:

See here:


There are hundreds of topics on this issue. Of these, in many the user claims that the problem (neither this, nor this, nor this) … Then he discovers that it is one of the problems already reported in topics here in the community.


Well… Sorry !
I did see the quoted topic but… After posting this one :confused:

That’s quite strange that Google simply forgot to add this line to every google-services.json, there should be a reason (SDK upgrade so it is not required anymore?) and maybe the component needs to be updated to fix this.

Anyway, thanks for help !

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You are probably absolutely right…



I also have same problem pls help me

I have update to fix this line but can not work maybe anyone can help

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