Firebase Authentication Profile Picture URL, Permanent or Temporary

I am using Firebase Authentication in my project.
I am storing the URL of the profile picture in my tinydb.

It is giving me this kind of URL -

I want to ask if this URL is temporary(means will expire after some time) or permanent.
Can I use this for long term?

it is permanent.

Maybe, but I read it somewhere else that it is temporary.

if it is correct then you may use cloudinary to store images and as i know it is permanent.

but if it is said that it is not then sorry from me for saying it is permanent

Ok, can you tell me how to do it with cloudinary, becuase it is not uploading direct url of the picture, I think first I have to save it on users device and than upload to cloudinary.

Yeah, you need to save to device and upload to Cloudinary.

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I think that is valid only for Google Photos

This is image source URL which Google provides to every user after they upload profile photo in their Google account. This URL may change after user update the profile photo.

You can use Firebase authentication to get this user profile URL every time the user will open your app. In this way, your user will be able to see their latest updated photo inside the app.

Hope it helps.

But when the user deletes the image that has been set as a profile picture from the device then the profile picture is set to none or the app can’t get the image.