Firebase Authentication

Hello, sorry for my english …
I saw in the Firebase Authentication documentation, that you can send a verification email before activating the created account. I have seen that this block is not present in the Kodular Firebase Authentication module. Has anyone managed to find a way to activate this function?
Thank you

read the firebase docs from firebase there you get the infos to do that, this is not a block from kodular

Yes, of course, I’ve read the documentation and I understand that you can do it, with auth.sendSignInLinkToEmail (email, actionCodeSettings), but I do not understand how to integrate it into kodular … that’s why I ask someone who has already done it and can help me. Thank you

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you have to activate it in firebase auth console not in kodular

hello, thanks for your reply.
I do not think you can activate from the Firebase authentication console, maybe it was! from there you can only customize emails but do not activate them, or at least I did not understand how to do it. If you are sure you can tell me more precisely the way? Thanks again

yes, it explains how to personalize emails, but there is no possibility to activate them by default; only for programming.

First of all Please try to understand the Concern then Reply Properly.

He is asking how to use password Reset and Email Verifictaion option in Firebase Authentication Component.

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This is way to do it.
But not that much easy