Firebase database security

Hi I have recently made a texting app ( ) using Firebase DB. Since I am using Firebase I can see all of the messages on the firebase dashboard. Is there any way I can encrypt the data or something? :thinking:

For your kind information, Firebase communication is encrypted with 256Bit & RSA 2048 bit SSL. And because You are using firebase database in a chat app then obviously all the chats will remained in firebase. BTW you don’t need to worry about that chats. These are totally safe in Google Data Centers.

But I will say, If you want to make something like whatsapp and telegram then you should not use firebase else you can use your personal data center and server to make it more secure and private. Because its not legal to read others messages.


You may use a symmetric cryptography algorithm like RSA, for example via an extension. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to everyone that helped but I have found a solution.
I have used the Cryptography component in kodular.

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