How do I provide security

Hello coders,
database is an important factor for my project. Are there things that will increase the security of a database or firebase that will increase the security of my project? Is it possible to do data encryption or something like that?
Thanks in advance for those who are interested…

Hello @Guven

Yes there are some components available within the platform itself to increase some security.

  1. Obfuscated Test

  2. Cryptography - Cryptography - Kodular Docs

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I think the link you gave is giving an incorrect 404 warning.

When I use the hidden test block, firebase says wrong URL, what can I do?

hmm, let me check. Use this - Cryptography - Kodular Docs

i don’t understand what to do it’s too complicated :sweat: do you have any video

can you show me your blocks? for obfuscated block you use to set firebase link that shows it invalid?

I can’t take screenshots right now, but I can write.
firebase url do this: the hidden text: “firebase url”

@Dream_Dev_Infotech is right in some areas. The text block for obfuscation is useful if you would like to input passwords or API keys. This hides the text, but provides low (or even no) security for experts.

The Cryptography component could also be a choice, but of course, you have to obfuscate the key as well.