[Firebase] How to create "tables" in the database?


I’m trying to understand how to create “tables” inside the Firebase database!
Example: 1 table for users (age, first name, last name, phome, etc), 1 table to store users entries, etc…

For example, in SQL we can work something like this:
Note: This image is only an help for the explanation on this topic.

Everytime I write in the Firebase database, the information (in this case, the information of the users) is written in the root of the database:

So, what is the best method to work with the Firebase database, in order to create “tables”?

Thank you for the help!

You should set bucket to “Users”, and then every time you write data with tags (User1,User2) it will be written under Users tag and it will be your Users table

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Hi Mr_Nicolas:

Thank you for reply!

I see… so, how to select, for example “User1” inside the “Users”?
Is this way?

Also, how to manually create a “Users” tag in firebase database?
… because the only available option is a plus sign ("+") that add a child! And the child doesn’t allow to add also a child inside it (no plus sign ("+") is available)!

Found it:
min.: 5:17

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You don’t even need to set the bucket. You can set the tag based on the bucket path.


Bucket is test.

Tag for a users name could be based on a userid.

tag is . /users/userid/name
As long as you add a value, when you use the slash you can create very complex nested data structures.

The power of the Join command.

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Thank you cian!

According your example, that I like…

Can these values (“UID do usuário”) be used for the userid?
Or these values changes somehow?

Yes. I think in the API the keypair is localid.

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Does this “localid” (User UID) changes for some reason, or once the user is registered it will be the same forever?

I think it is permenant. You can also use their email address, you just have to replace the @with something else.

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Thank you for the help cian!

I don’t understand this. Could you give another example?

Hi everyone, I engage in this discussion by posting what I am experiencing these days.
I assume I am new to Firebase and the NoSql databases. I know the sql language and relational databases well, but I am looking for something that allows me to set up apps with low-cost centralized databases and simple structures to set up and Firebase seems to me to be the right tool (in this regard if anyone wants exchange some advice / news I’m happy to receive them).
I report below the images of a creation and insertion of data of a Sqlite table, but not from a block editor, with an online tool and the images of the creation and insertion of data of the corresponding table with Firefox and with the block editor of the code written with Kodular.
I await your opinions. Thank you all.

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