Firebase phone authentication not working after exporting project

Hi, I was able to successfully login using phone number in an app I created. Then I exported it, opened it and changed the layout and other stuff, exported the app again and now when I try to log in with the same phone number, it shows error, login failed. But when I use the test number, it works. This is frustrating, I don’t think I can depend on firebase auth system. But I need to verify users’ phone number. I didn’t change anything except the layout and colors, but it won’t work. Can anyone explain? I am stuck. When I try to call the block “Phone Number sign in” it shows ‘login failed’.


Show your blocks… Did you add any firebase rule?

I have same problem

not use any firebase rule

it is in test mode

Othe authentication option also note work like email,google etc

it means somewhere you are missing the rule or logic. We cont help you further without seeing your blocks

This is my Blocks For Phone Verification

This for google login

and my firebase rules are

Screenshot 2021-04-01 133756

and I enable all option in the sign-in method which require

and please help me

Adjust these blocks…

(paste this open another screen screenname(Screen1) block in screen initialize also as shown)


Also in screen1 add login failed block - use notification

If it is not works, please post what error you are getting…

I finally understood what went wrong. I opened the project after exporting it, and the Keystore changed. Therefore to solve the problem I had to add the new keystore to the Firebase project settings.

Ok I will try

Is your app working now?

It’s not working

first I do what you suggest to me on Screen2 (user)

and on screen1

blocks (2)

but nothing change
you can check-in video
I make after installing the app

please check my aia file

RedoneTailor.aia (9.2 KB)

I will be grateful to you if you can help me
before it, I do its work but now a day not it working

@Redone_Tailor , In screen1 there is no proper blocks for authentication. Actually What type of authendicatiin you want?

I make a new project
and do as well as you say
but it also not work

and its ais is
GLogin_Screen1.ais (4.7 KB)

please help I think it may bug in kodular

Do you get any error?

Did you add your app in to your Firebase project?

Did you add SHA1 key in fireDB

yes I add to firebase and sha1 key also

Do you get any error ? Can you share it?

No, I do not have any error, in the first time, I have used Google Authentication many times in the past, but have not understood it for a few days

I think authentication is not working properly in kodular wright now it seems. Me too tried with my existing app and show nothing.

Update: Sorry. It is working properly only… I created new project and start from the beginig. Now everything Ok

so wy not my work