Firebase problem

Why can’t I get the information (name, phone number, email) when the user signs in with Google? I’m using firebase auth and a database, and I want to store the information in a real-time database when the users login using Google Sign-In.

Use when login success instead of sign up and let me know if it works

This is my code; i have 2 alternative logins, which are Google sign-in and not Google sign-in, and I already use the login success for the not Google sign.

Here a good guide that can delete some dubt

You have to chose if you want to use Google method or another (like email , phon number , etc). For Google method , with Google account, you have to use

Your settings are fix ? Read the guide to know if you made all step . You never get user information?

Why the progress dialog? You get the template to chose Google account ?


it’s working but i can’t get the phoneNum.
the progress dialog is for loading template.

Use Firebase data user and the get block with email as tag . When got value take the second element of the list you got

But I can’t see the email tag in this pic .

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