Doubt about the phone number in Firebase authentication

Hi Koders!
The phone number you get when the “current user succes” event is triggered
is the phone number used for authentication or is the phone number associated to the Google acount of the user?
In other words, if the authentications is made by email/password or Google button, is it possible to get the user’s phone number?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, It is possible to get phone number.

But, Why you don’t try this yourself. It is simple code.


I’m triying, fot two days now, but I can’t get the phone number. I’m using this block, and it returns the name and email, but not the phone Number.


Firebase Authentication doesn’t work with companion, so I have to compile and install in my device. I have my own phone number in my Google account but the login/sign in procedure is with email/password or Google sign in button, but not with the phone authentication, and thats why I have the doubt.

I need the phone number to generate the tag for storage a value in Firebase Realtime Database.


The PhoneNumber variable is always empty but not the user’s name or the email. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

(The data from contact picker has nothing to do with this procedure).

After some tests, the phone number will be returned only if the sign in was made with phone number, it will not returns the phone number that the user has associated to his Google account.