Firebase Project bucket

Anyone please suggest me how can i create a unique bucket for each of user who login into my app that’s why i can store their data separately.

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You can you device ID as unique bucket id for each user.

If you are using firebase authentication by Google login then when login success you can store user name as bucket.

Use User’s Email Id To Create A Unique Project Bucket

This is sample…When i press submit button all data should be stored in unique bucket of every user.
Hope you all get my problem!

Thank you for your concern. I have use firebase database for login also. So anyone can suggest me how can i create unique bucket for user using device id. At the same time i have to store user name, address ,contact number and symptoms which should be stored separately.

blocks (11)
Use these blocks to create unique project bucket for each user. :slight_smile:

Please help

Stop spamming.

Can you please explain how am i spamming!

You had multiple posts asking for help in the space of a few minutes. They have now been deleted so it no longer looks like you were spamming but you were.

Anyway, let’s not go off topic. If you really want you should post proper screenshots of your blocks, not a picture of your laptop screen.

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Okay thank you it’s my first experience.
Now can you solve my problem?

I have already posted a block.

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Mark this answer Firebase Project bucket - #7 by golumaths100 as solution. :slight_smile:


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