Firebase Projects ! Is this for one project or for single account

As a Screenshot this is free service bythat firebase
So I want to know that this service is for single project or single account !

And another question is any other way to store like files on online whithout firebase

Prokoders,Moderators Reply Soon…

Use cloudunary

Cloudonary has limitations bro…
Like of credits…
Could you say. How many GB could be stored ! And get monthy… ?

Why you need the storage image or video ?

My question is not that…
Just see what I asked… !
I need answer … is that for single project or for single account

@Peter any answer ?

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Single project

maybe you shoul be a bit more friendly, i need is not that what people want to hear that wants to help you. But ok

Ok did you know
Its for single project or sum of all project in a single account !

Try @Taifun’s Tutorial “Google Spreadsheet as Database”

For storage which is best
Firebase or … cloudinary…
Note : many users will request files

cloudinary is best

Is there a possible Solution for Cloud… to make a AUTH. And ony people who are AUTH gets Data if they want or store data. All that only if your are AUTH.