Firebase The value entered by the user is at the bottom of the project bucket

Hello I’m New to Codes User When the user registers, firebase saves the values ​​as in the picture. How can I get only the email value when firebase is logged in?

As you store you have to get. Use get value and userid/eposta as tag . Or you can save tag = userId and value a list with all the items . You can get only one value with all the informations and firebase doesn’t change the order of the items you store .

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So what I want to tell you is that this guy will check the tags from here while registering (tags auth will give a warning if any of the sub-tags of the uid tags it creates, otherwise it will be registered.

You want to verify if the user is in your database , if it exists you want to show a warning. You use mail method and not Google authentication, it’s right?

actually I am using auth while registering but I am Turkish so I want to make my application in Turkish so if the user uses the same e-mail, I want to show a warning that this e-mail is being used.

I tried something like this but it doesn’t give the error but it is recording

This is my way, probably there are a lot of ways better than mine. :sweat_smile:
1 method : save a tag with all the mails so you can easy get it and verify if the mail exists. Call all the tags in your dB to verify if the name just exists.
2 method : call all the data with this method and use the dictionary block to verify name and mail using walk all at level block. See the dictionary guide to understand how to use it

Thanks, I’ll try and write again if it doesn’t work.

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Dictionary guide with example :+1:t2:

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