Firebase true/false to display or not display in listview image and text

Hello i have a list of products in firebase and i have a tag [add_expired] that i set to [fasle] and if it gets changes i want to have it not show up in my listviewimage and text

can any one help me with a basic plan on what to do with the blocks

Please tell in simple language you can also post images to show us what you want

i want to show or hide a record depending on the stats of the tag

You can delete the expired product tag or delete and move to another tag , for example you can set two tag with different list: active and expired.
Very important is the data you have to manage , if we know more about this we can find teh best solution for you

i am creating a shopping app with deals that expire so i have a tag that i want to change from false / true and when i call the list view it must only grab the deals that are set to true
and skip the rest

You can show your firebase tree ? I want to see how you’re storing data . :+1:t2: