Firebase URL not working properly in blocks section

Hello Coders,

I tried to call firebase url and token from airtable sheets using the blocks. While testing first it ishows invalid firebase url then it detects and works fine…But error is annoying …how can i close the error? URL is correct because it directs to next page by checking login details…I am using set firebase url blocks on screen initialize…is that the problem?

If you show your blocks you will get solution faster…

Please Check, Project bucket is available in the designer mode or not?

Project Bucket is correct

I tried to use obfuscated text also but same error it gives then it works fine(which means url is correct)

sorry i have never used unlocker and all. So no idea about it… I also expecting some experts to answer this

leave unlocker…can you just check whether setting url in blocks instead of designer section is working…use obfuscated text

You have used firebaseDB URL using select item from list

Try to get it in a label and check whether it is getting exact URL or added with " or ( or / or ) .
If anything present mean URL won’t work properly.

If you find anything mean just use the replace blocks and try to get the value, it will be work fine . Please try and let me know .

Show screenshot of designer part of Firebase component.