Firebase Database Question (Firebase URL)

Hello guys, I have a question to the new firebase URL Component.
I use the new block set firebase URL to ( and put my URL into it with the obfuscated text block)
Now if i start the app i get the error invalid Firebase URL spezified.
i tired it without the obfuscated text block but i got the same error. I get no error if i put my URL into the designer screen.
It look like as the component block dont accept any URL. If i delete in the designer view the URL, and put it in the when screen 1 initialze block than i get no errror

Pls can someone look if any other have the same issue like me.

( i know that in botth text blocks are different urls, bc i dont want to show you my url)
With that two blocks i get each time a error. It works only if i use the designer URL text field

This block is needed to make the app a bit safer for people who decompile. So i can download the url from a database and hide it with that blocks.

If i have the url in the designer screen i get when the screen initialue the error permission denied . Ifi have it in the block the url and the screen initialzie i get booth errors. Invalid URL and permission denied.
Would be nice if that block works.

And it would be nice if we can hide this error about permission denied when the screen initialize. And you have to click on continue .
Bc when the user open the app he get in the same moment the error from firebase: Permission denied bc my database rules are only for auth users.

hello, the same thing happens to me, have you managed to find a solution?

have you tried removing the last “/” of the url?