Firestore extension

I need somebody help me to buid Firestore Extension. How much does it cost…
Thank you

Can you tell what you want the extension to do?

Dear lovely Peter,
I want to basic operational function in Fire Store, like Create, Read Update and Delete
I’ve seen this document make it possible…
Thank you kindly reply Peter

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I am not an extension developer but this way it is more clear if a developer wants to take on the challenge.

Hi @grosirberkat
Welcome to Kodular Community

I shall try to make an extension for FireStore and tell you soon.

Dear Sunny,
Ok I’m waiting your hard work. Please inform me as soon as possible.
Thank you for kindly responding.

I did Firebase Storage at one point with the actual SDK, but I gave up after it said something on Kodular about needing the component after importing the extension.

Dear pepocero,
Your solution is Firebase storage, not firebase firestore…
Thank you

Dear Nathan,
Do you mean Firebase Firestore, I think Firestore has already extension built by Mirxtrem.
Firebase Firestore is more difficult than Firebase Storage

Ahahahaha, no.

Could I sponsor you to build Firebase Firestore Extension…
Thank you…

Who is making this is he @pavi2410 ??

any news??

Try this:

It’s not working, but I had figure it out and will post the extention very soon. @grosirberkat we can talk about prices in PM.

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No extension needed, you can work it out using the rest API and the web component. You can use some html/javascript to get realtime updates.


Here you go my friend,

Fully functional extention for Firestore. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: