Flag_immutable error

I got this error despite all my extensions is upgrade to sdk31 , don’t have push notification, any suggestions

Please search on community first…

I did search all subjects about it but non solve my problem

Provide a list of extensions you are using

My guess is, it is the AlarmCreator extension
Who is the author?
Can you provide a link to that extension?

As test you might want to remove thar extension to find out, if you can upload the app without that error

Btw. here is a working alarmmanager extension App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps


Yes you correct the alarm extension is the reason for this error despite it was upgraded to sdk 31, for your alarm I already bought in 2019 but I don’t have the recent version

Please answer

Well, obviously not

Download it from the download folder you received access after the purchase

EDIT: strange… the first version of the alarmmanager extension has been released on Oct 30, 2020 .


It’s atomdeveloper

Atomdeveloper stopped maintaining his paid extensions… that extension is outdated meanwhile…


I didn’t find the folder which contain alarm extension in my email

Then it looks like you have been confused…
As already mentioned, you could not have bought it in 2019, because


Is your extension work in background for e.g. here in the model of of Atomdeveloper when screen initialize the alarm works on specific time given

It does not look like you read the description of the extension
Of course does it work in the background… elae it would be usekess

Please read the documentation before buying to avoid misunderstandings


I have bought your extension yesterday, but I did not get your extension yet

check your spam folder
send me an email with the payment details
I currently have no open payments
PS: messages like yours are better done privately, because they really are not interesting for everyone…