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How can i make the phone flashlight to flash very fast like when you take a photo?

See here


Keep in mind that If you turn the mobile flashlight on and off quickly you can damage it. It’s not advisable.

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Thanks… The blocks seem to be in Spanish, Can someone translate what blocks say… Nevermind

@dora_paz Doesnt work :thinking:

You can modify code according to your needs , for example when I press button flashlight is on for a second


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Oh yes I forgot to make a bool variable

@dora_paz Whats the point of the bool variable? I dont understand the logic behind it

i hope your flash will turned off within that clock timer limit
(BTW, If we are enabling clock to timer in the designer part we have to disable it na, if not during screen inti itself that function will be carried out na when clock timer. I am not sure about it just asking)

The flashlight still doesnt turn on

make it off in the designer part(default) and try it, also increase the limit to 2000


@Still-learning Still nothing :confused:
What i tried

----MY BLOCKS----


I also checked the app permissions but they are enabled

I tested as apk and crashes my phone, Xiaomi MI A1-android 9, maybe the developer @juananton1991 might help you

You have to test it in apk and not in companion i think

No I didnt use the companion, I installed the apk on ANDROID 11 and doesnt work… Maybe its a compatibility issue :thinking:… When I had app permissions disabled my app crashed as well

Try this apk and see if it works

flash.apk (5.3 MB)

@dora_paz hmm thats weird! Flashlight turns on! Can you give me the aia file?

Since it didn’t work with the specific extension I used Flashlight Extension with clock component

flash_1.aia (14.9 KB)

@dora_paz Thats weird, when i used taifun flashlight it was slow… Nevermind

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