Flashlight Blink

Hey everyone,Can you tell me how to make blinking flashlight.Please help me get an extension for this.

You can use this extension from @Taifun


Thanks for replying.But i want an extension where i could get blocks for blinking the flashlight with time difference

Can you explain more please

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I want a block to set the time difference between blinking.
and to start and stop Blinking

Did you mean for him to turn on and off the flash every 1 second, for example? (continuously)

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Yeah Thats what i was saying



Can you make an extension for blinking?

No need for a extension.

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An extension makes easy to use the blocks.It will minimize the amount of blocks used in the app.As i don’t know how to make an extension ,I request anyone to make it.

You should advise how much you will pay for it.

Your method will make the flashlight on and off forever.

Try this:
Use the Clock & Camera component

Or if you want flashlight blinking forever like @mahmoud_hooda , try this:


Ok thanks for this codes.

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