[Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

Thanks for offering this extension for free.

Following the whole procedure here [Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community I’ve added AdMob banner in my app without a single problem, by compiling the AppUnitID extension with Niotron IDE

(I was waiting for admanager and kodular for approval for a very long time, but thanks to this it’s done in one hour)

Thank you for the precious resources given for free @oseamiya . :pray::heart:

Is this admob still works ?

Yes it still works and the best

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Did you solve it !

but it gives me erreor with google sign in

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Ad not displaying properly

In this ad "book now button is completely out of screen

And i would like to ask you another question ,

Can i load any size ads instead of specific sized ad ? (May it increases fill rates)
I think kodular’s previous admob component loads any size ads

Thanks in advance

As I can see in the description, this extension supports custom sized ads as well. So you may try resizing it accordingly.

No, this would not increase fill rate! You may try different ad formats instead. This might help you get a better fill rate.

whyt my ads not fitting on screen ?
what banner ad size should i choose for portrait screen (mobile)

The Links are not working, also I navigated the files manually in Github but not able to download, the screen loads forever

i have remooved lite version and added heavy version of this admob extension now i ncan upload , but now i cannot open any screen that contains admob banner says :unfortunately"app name"has stopped

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I think we are too late to shift from kodular :pensive:

Hello Koders,
I have done all setup. In test Mode ad working.but without test Mode I am getting the error message of " Unable to instantiate mediation adapter class". How to solve this error.

Thanks in advance



may be that with this extension

will crash?


Hello oseamiya
Latest version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK: 21.5.0… (Release Date 2023‑01‑31)

Google Mobile Ads SDK: 21.4.0 (Release Date 2022‑12‑14)
Extension is updated?

plz comment
Thanks in adv

I used this extension inside the app then I am getting this type of error show on play store

An error occurred while running bundletool build-apks on your uploaded App Bundle. Ensure that your App Bundle is valid by running bundletool build-apks locally and try again. Learn more. Error: Found multiple elements for key ‘com.google.android.gms.version’, expected at most one.

Love Story.apk (6.5 MB)

After removing the extension from inside the app the app is getting public successful on play store but using this extension inside my app then I am getting this type of error show, please provide solution

I have the same problem. does anyone know the solution

I got the solution, just update with the previous extension you were already using in the kodular and it will work as earlier.

If it work in your app as well, please mark this as solution. Thank you

I don’t understand what you mean. Please explain deep

After the kodular latest update, we just need update our extension with the extension we’re using. Like u can do experiment by deleting the admob extension from your project, then again import those extensions, then it will work.