[FREE] CanvasZoom: A Flexible Zoom Management Extension

CanvasZoom: A Flexible Zoom Management Extension for App Inventor


The CanvasZoom extension provides an advanced solution for managing zoom operations on a canvas in App Inventor projects. It allows precise control over zoom functionalities, including zooming in, zooming out, focusing zoom on specific points, and managing canvas states.


  • Zoom In/Out: Easily enlarge or reduce the view of the canvas with simple function calls.

  • Zoom to Point: Focus the zoom on a specific point on the canvas, providing a more targeted view.

  • State Management: Undo and redo capabilities to revert or reapply zoom actions.

  • Memory Management: Efficient handling of bitmap resources to ensure optimal performance and memory usage.

  • Customizable Scale Factor: Adjust the zoom level according to your needs.

  • Reset Functionality: Quickly return to the original state of the canvas with a reset function.


Download and Contribution

You can download the Extended Canvas Flood Fill Extension and contribute to its development:

Contribute: If you wish to contribute to the development or suggest improvements, please visit our GitHub repository.

Support and Contact

For support, queries, or suggestions, please reach out through our Telegram.

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Attention! This extension needs several adjustments to the code for image rendering. Therefore, I invite fellow developers to help with the project.

Feel free to use this template as a starting point and modify it to include specific details about your extension, such as the download link, GitHub repository , or support channels. The template is structured to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the extension and its functionalities.


Thank you for your contribution…
There is only a minor error concerning the naming conventions. .

Method names always start with a capital letter…
clearMemory → ClearMemory

Keep up the good work!


Oh! No! It escaped without me seeing it​:joy: I will rewrite

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