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Hi, to perform a click for a label component is there need to register the component or it can be directly clicked by using the perform click method

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Yes, it can be directly clicked by perform click method.
Note.if you registered a component and then used perform click method.The component built-in click won’t be fired.Instead the extension’s touch event will be triggered.

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Fantastic work @Mohamed_Tamer!
It have so many useful blocks :grin:

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thanks very much @Atom_Developer :grin:

A suggestion you can add a block in your extension which highlights specific text in a textbox or label

I know there is an extension which does it but it would be great if you can add the feature in your extension too

Also you can add a block, to allow selecting some text of a label like in textbox we can do


I will try :+1:

There is already an extension for that:

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Hi Mohamed,

I am making a game with this extension and the canvas component. The extension works great!
The only thing that i’m facing now is that the width/heigth of the components and sprites as well are diffrent than the pixel value of the extension. I think it’s 3x smaller than the pixels of the extension. Maby a tip if there will be a update coming, is to add a width / heigth block to the extension.

But for now i have one question. What kind of pixel size do you use?
Kind regards,

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I’m really happy with that :grin: thanks for using the extension :+1:

For which block?

I will look at this :wink: i think its possible.


for all the blocks. When i want to place a component at the end of the screen, i look for the screen width. The screen width is somewhere around 670 px, but to place the component there, i need to
multiply that amount with 3 times to 2010 px.

So the pixel size of the extension is 3 times bigger than the pixels of kodular.

That would be great! :grinning:

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I don’t know why is that? :thinking: i will take a look :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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Thank you in advance! :smile:

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Nice extension. You have implemented various operations to work with components.

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Thanks very much @Automate_My_Project :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A few suggestions, to add to your extension

A method to transfer a visible component from an arrangement to another…
And also a block to make component responsive to sizing

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There is already a method about that in android.So it can be implemnted of course :grinning:

Isn’t there sizing proerprty in the screen block that makes the components responsive :thinking:

But it’s not that accurate

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Okay i will try.i’m really preparing a huge update.But i have a bug which make me unable to add new features easily :wink:


Is it possible to add a “longclick” event? I know that would currently collide with your “touch” events. But maybe you could add a “touched for x milliseconds” variable. The “eventTime” variable only returns the time the animation runs, right?

Nope.Touched event, doesn’t make any animation.The event time is the time the Component clicked.
btw, it returns time in milliseconds as well.

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Yeah, eventTime returns the actual time when the button is pressed. But I would like to get the length of time the component was pressed.