LabelTools Extension

SetTextIsSelectable: Allows you to set a Labels Text to Selectable(see picture below) so the user can Copy the Text from the Label.
If selectAllOnFocus = true, all of the Label’s Text will be highlighted.
If selectAllOnFocus = false, only the word that was selected will be highlighted.

SetHighlightColor: Allows you to set the highlight color for the selected text.

SetLineSpacing: Allows you to set the space between lines. Standard is 1.

Block Usage:



Let me know what you think!

.aix & .aia:
com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.LabelTools.aix (6.7 KB)

LabelTools.aia (7.6 KB)


!I like this​:grinning: Great extension


Nice extension

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I added a couple more methods and merged my LineSpacing Extension with it as well.

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It’s means another extension

I merged it with this one.
I am working on the .aia and a video now


Oh Nice work

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I updated the .aia and posted a video.


An awesome extension while more work is done this is what I was looking for
:heart_eyes: You are wonderful


Another GREAT extension! You’re a :star:!


Great Job.

Any way to apply to all labels the selectable property at one step?


You could do something like this:


Hi. Thanks for fast reply… Yah it may works if there some kind of selector (maybe a * ) … otherwise as you show on image need to list all labels… Imagine i want 100 labels each with different names…well i will give it a try.

Many thanks.

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Without a list of Labels, I’d need to search each screen for Labels. This would be very time consuming and freeze the app until the search finished. In other words, a list of Labels is the best possible way.

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Hi @Ken,
I found this extension amazing.
But I think adding the color property to the select points in SetHighlightColor will help more.
The HighlightColor and the Drag Select point is not matching one another more times.
I mean:

So that we can choose required color for both Highlight and thumb color which matches the background.
I am not a extension developer. just a user. :smile:
Thank You.

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Can you give us the source code of this?

how to use dynamic components extension like any lable

When any label … + If Ts the component Is dynamic get component

when I remove this extension from my app it fails to export
I can only export again when its added
even if I remove all the screens and blocks