[Free] Custom Image Extension || An extension for creating image in shape

hello I have deleted the previous id, but when recalling the same id, the command “duplicat id not allowed” appears

Let me check my code I think I have forgot to remove the id from hashmap
Thanks for reporting

Ok thank youu hope you can update :+1:

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I have updated and it is working well now
It download it again from the link given above

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Thank you :+1:

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I would like to ask, how to set the border color and thickness?

Have you seen these properties…

Cache enabled or not?

I didn’t understand you. What are you trying to say. Please elaborate me

This extension can have cache option

Currently No.
But maybe it possible in future updates. :slightly_smiling_face:


can you please update your extension to not show error when using the delete block if the custom image doesn’t exist?

Nice and useful extension, thanks dear :revolving_hearts:

Ok i will soon release a new update of it.
Thanks for suggestion.

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hello, when will the new update be released? I am very helpful with this extension :+1:

Hi, You can use this extension for converting a normal image view to circle and bubble images wihout creating them. You can do the things that you want with those images. So i Think it dont need any update as the shapeable extension can do this.

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Ok thank you

Is it possible to add an asynchronous request to the image?

No. It’s not possible but I will recommend you that I have posted above.